Wuhan Yongping Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development of water wall anti-wear technology for Circulating Fluidized Bed Boilers (CFBB).

  We have independently developed a new technology for anti-wear of water wall of CFBB -- thermal conductive grille anti-wear technology with 24 national patents (core technology patent no. ZL201420350767.2). This technology is different from the passive anti-abrasion technology of thickening the water wall surface, but alloy grille plates are installed along the horizontal and vertical directions of the heating surface of the CFBB, forming a anti-wear grid. By dredging the internal circulation of the material in the furnace, so as to optimize the flow field of the water wall surface, eliminate the local eddy current, reduce the friction and the cutting force of collision between the material particles and the water wall. Thereby effectively solve the wear problem of water wall.

  Our new technology has thoroughly solved the worldwide problem of CFB boiler water cooling wall abrasion and leakage which has long plagued the coal-fired thermal power industry. The boiler operating time now is longer than previous by more than 5 times, from less than 4000 hours to more than 20000 hours. At the same time, the safety and economical efficiency of CFBB are greatly improved.

  Over the past 7 years, this technology has been validated by the application on over 300 CFB boilers (75T/H ~ 1200T/H), including China Datang, China Guodian, China Shenhua, Jizhong energy, Henan coal chemical group, Shaanxi coal group, montay group, Erdos Power, Asia-Pacific forest Bob group and Asian pulp and paper group etc. The anti-wear effect has been highly praised by our customers. We have helped many customers achieve long term stable operation and we are really proud of it!

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