The persuit of our company is to help customer save money, let boiler realize long period operation".

We will always provide customers with help and relevant technical consulting services, any quality or technical problems after construction, we will be the first time to respond to the information. In the process of engineering construction, our company will send technicians to provide whole-process technical support, solve the problem of technical cooperation with other types of work during construction, and provide technical guidance for product installation and application.After the completion of the project, our company will be responsible for the re-inspection of thickness measurement, and ensure that the project meets good standards. At the time of acceptance, as-built drawings and relevant technical files will be provided. For the products used in the project, we promise to provide the warranty period and the corresponding product quality warranty period; Provide two years free warranty period for the project, and perform other after-sales service tasks as stipulated in the contract.

After-sales service stage division, after-sales service within the warranty period: the after-sales service stage within the warranty period stipulated in the contract. After-sales service beyond the warranty period: the after-sales service stage beyond the warranty period. This stage includes two situations: the customer and our company re-sign the after-sales service contract and no service contract is signed outside the warranty period.

Warranty service for the management of the project: we will be stationed in the maintenance team before the commissioning of the project, the establishment of a nearby maintenance center to support the project; Engineering maintenance phase. When receiving the call for repair, the maintenance shall be carried out according to the following requirements of maintenance service: when the maintenance personnel are on site for repair, they shall wear a work permit with obvious signs for identification. Establish maintenance quality files.

Each maintenance item should be recorded concisely so as to summarize the operation of the system, and take necessary measures according to the actual situation on site. Carry out regular or irregular inspection and return visit, take the initiative to consult the management and users, and deal with the problems in time. Make records after receiving the call from the staff or users. General fault within 24 hours to send maintenance personnel to bring their own vehicles to the site for treatment, repair within 24 hours; An emergency was immediately dispatched to the scene to deal with it.

Maintenance personnel according to the maintenance situation, take the initiative to feedback to the management, and sign confirmation.

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