Inner Mongolia Yipin Biotechnology Co., Ltd. synthetic ammonia plant armor anti-abrasion

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  After the full production of Inner Mongolia Yipin project, it will be one of the first-class industrial enterprises in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, and will become a domestic production base of amino acids and biopharmaceuticals, a high-tech enterprise to undertake industrial transfer in Chifeng, and a model enterprise in Chifeng and even domestic industry in terms of process technology, resource saving, environmental protection, energy saving and consumption reduction, clean production, etc. In December 2018, it was awarded as Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Excellent private enterprise.

  We are a long-term partner of Inner Mongolia Inner Mongolia Yipin, this time for the ammonia plant armor anti-wear construction, the construction period is 4 days.

  We have developed the armor anti-wear technology for the hanging tube of the tail flue of circulating fluidized bed boiler, which is easy to wear.

  The armor anti-wear technology is designed and produced according to the size of the hanging tube, and is installed by bolting, without welding. It can realize the close wrapping of the hanging pipe, and the coverage of the windward side of the hanging pipe can reach 100%. The gap of the anti-wear sheet is filled with metal sealant to eliminate the hidden danger of wind corrosion and enhance heat transfer (Patent No. ZL201921607213.5).

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