Guangxi Hualei New Materials Co., Ltd. power plant No. 1 cfb boiler water-cooled wall grating anti-abrasion construction

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  Guangxi Hualei New Material Co., Ltd. is a joint venture company jointly funded by Chalco Guangxi Investment Development Co. It is also one of the core projects of the "Guangxi Baise Ecological Aluminum Industry Demonstration Base" approved by the National Development and Reform Commission, and is a project for the construction of 400,000 tons of aluminum water per year and supporting self-provided generating units. The company was established in 2015, with a total investment of about 6.1 billion yuan, involving electrolytic aluminum production, thermal power generation, deep processing of aluminum, coal production and operation, etc.

  We, Wuhan Yongping, are a long-term partner of Guangxi Hualei, and our grating anti-wear technology has completely cured their power plant cfb boiler water cooling wall wear problem. This construction is for their power plant No.1 cfb boiler water-cooled wall, the construction period is 6 days.

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