Technical exchange of CFB circulating fluidized bed grille with Dongguo technology expert

Date:2018-08-17 Clicks:1281

On April 19, 2016, General Manager Liu led General Manager Liu and General Manager Wang to visit Su and other leaders of Dongfang Electric Group Dongfang Boiler Co., Ltd.

The meeting was highly valued by the leaders of Dongguo. Director Yang, Song Gong, Zhou Gong, Zhang Gong and other 10 people attended the meeting.

The main content of this meeting is the CFB circulating fluidized bed grille anti-wear technology exchange, listen to Dongfang Electric Group Dongfang Boiler Co., Ltd. related experts advice and guidance. Relevant experts at the meeting made in-depth exchanges and discussions on the principle of grille anti-wear technology, construction scheme, construction technology, customer feedback and the impact of grille anti-wear technology on CFBB furnace flow field, heat balance, output and other key operational data.

After in-depth exchanges, Dongguo experts agreed that grille anti-wear technology is an innovative breakthrough, active, safe and efficient anti-wear technology, compared with the traditional water wall anti-wear technology (anti-wear beam, spraying, cladding, etc.) has many advantages, such as long service life, short construction period, low long-term investment and so on. It is very worthy of CFB boiler. Customers are widely promoted and used.

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