Anti-wear construction of No.0 boiler water-cooled wall grille of Shenhua Coal to Oil Ordos Branch

Date:2021-09-27 Clicks:719

  Erdos Coal to Oil Branch is a wholly-owned company of China Shenhua Coal to Oil Chemical Company Limited, which is subordinate to Shenhua Group Co.

  The company adopts the Shenhua coal direct liquefaction process with independent intellectual property rights to produce high-quality diesel, naphtha, liquefied gas and gasoline by chemical processing with coal as raw material, which is a modern large-scale industrialized coal direct liquefaction production enterprise in the world. The company owns the world's first commercialized one-million-ton coal direct liquefaction production line, which is a key project of the National Tenth Five-Year Plan. The project is a national demonstration project for clean coal conversion and an important way to solve China's oil supply. At the same time, it is also an important leap for Shenhua Group to become a first-class energy enterprise in world coal deep processing. The completion and operation of this project is of strategic importance to alleviate the domestic oil shortage, adjust and optimize China's energy structure, ensure China's energy security and control environmental pollution.

  We have maintained a long-term cooperation relationship with Shenhua Coal & Oil, and many of its circulating fluidized bed boilers have adopted our grid anti-friction technology with thorough anti-friction effect, which has been highly recognized by Shenhua and helped them achieve the goal of safe, efficient, economic and long-cycle boiler operation.

  This time, the construction of water-cooled wall grille anti-friction for No.0 boiler of Shenhua Coal & Oil Erdos Branch was carried out in 5 days.

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