Hebei Sanhe eliminated coal fired boiler under 35 tons

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A few days ago, Sanhe City, Hebei Province, issued the "Sanhe City 2018 air pollution prevention and control work implementation plan," requiring that by the end of October, the city's 35-ton/h and below coal-fired boilers all eliminated. Other main contents are as follows:

1. complete the "double generation" project. Full implementation of the city's "gas instead of coal" and "electricity instead of coal" sweeping project, the end of May to complete the sweeping project involving farmers a comprehensive survey of statistics, household-to-household file card, establish a list, clear project schedule nodes. By the end of October, we would have completed the management, consolidate the achievements of the "two generation", and ensure that the masses are warm and clean for the winter.

Improve the supply capacity of clean energy. Construction and improvement of power transmission and distribution, natural gas emergency peak shaving and other infrastructure construction, to ensure the safe and stable supply of electricity and natural gas, to ensure the "coal to electricity" and "coal to gas" project energy security.

2. continue to implement the elimination of coal-fired boilers. By the end of October, the 35 coal-fired boiler in the city will be completely eliminated. Before the end of October, 65 steam-fired boilers with the exception of coal-fired stoves and coal-throwing machine stoves in the city will meet the ultra-low emission standards of coal-fired power plants (soot < 10mg/m3, sulphur dioxide < 35mg/m3, nitrogen oxides < 50mg/m3); Steamed-ton coal-fired boilers meet the municipal standards of dust < 30mg/m3, sulfur dioxide < 50mg/m3 and nitrogen oxide < 100mg/m3.

The transformation of coal to gas boiler is carried out simultaneously with low nitrogen combustion and strict control of NOx emissions. The new gas fired boiler should adopt low nitrogen combustion technology and encourage simultaneous installation of denitration equipment.

3. improve urban heating planning. Perfect the heating planning of the built-up area, tap the heating potential of the cogeneration and central heating enterprises, maximize the central heating in the built-up area, and constantly improve the proportion of clean energy heating such as electricity, solar energy and shallow ground energy.

New buildings must meet Hebei Province's "Energy Conservation Design Standards for Residential Buildings" (DB13 (J) 185-2015) and "Energy Conservation Design Standards for Public Buildings" (DB13 (J) 81-2016), to minimize energy consumption, giving priority to the use of "zero emission" clean energy such as electricity.

4., strengthen the management and control of coal transportation. All kinds of coal sales outlets shall be banned according to law, and traffic police, traffic and other departments shall jointly control and strictly control the entry of coal transport vehicles into Sanhe City.

The coal needed by Sanhe Power Plant is transported by railway, all kinds of centralized heating enterprises and coal-fired enterprises are allowed to purchase the coal by direct supply from the place of origin, and the coal-carrying vehicles are distributed to the market with the purchase and sale certificate, and the coal quality meets the local standard of Hebei Province "Industrial and Civil Fuel Coal" (DB13/2081-2014). We should strengthen the supervision of the coal quality of the coal burning units and impose penalties on the use of superstandard coal.

5., continue to reduce the total coal consumption. Take comprehensive measures to reduce coal consumption and complete the task of reducing coal consumption. The replacement of new coal consumption projects should be reduced. Promote clean and efficient utilization of coal, enhance the proportion of clean energy, and actively develop renewable energy.

Effective use of industrial waste heat and power plant waste heat instead of coal-fired heat supply. We will expand natural gas sources through multiple channels, vigorously develop non-fossil clean energy sources, give priority to the generation of renewable energy for power generation, and actively carry out pilot projects on geothermal, photovoltaic and biomass energy utilization.

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