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Nine dragons paper group is a large foreign enterprise in packaging paper invested in 1995. Nine dragons paper (holdings) limited was successfully listed in Hong Kong in 2006 and included in the hang seng composite index. After more than a decade of development, nine dragons group has ten largest papermaking bases at home and abroad, with an annual capacity of more than 10 million tons, annual sales of more than 20 billion yuan, and a total number of employees of more than 17,000. Now it has become the largest modern packaging paper production group in Asia.

Nine dragons paper (holdings) co., LTD., nine dragons paper and its subsidiaries mainly produce cardboard (including cow paper, green cow paper and white cow paper), high-strength corrugated core paper, and coated whiteboard with grey background. The group's business model helps it become a one-stop producer of a range of quality packaging paper products covering the pearl river delta, the Yangtze river basin, central and western China and northern China.

Dongguan nine dragons paper co., ltd. is the largest production base of nine dragons paper co., ltd. and the world's largest single product production base. The company's circulating fluidized bed boiler production task is very heavy, the boiler load is high, wear is very serious, many anti-wear measures are still not effective. When business is best and production is busiest, it is also the time when the pressure on the boiler production technology department is the greatest. The pressure in the mind must not be relaxed all the time. At that time the paper mill popular practice, almost all boilers fault - free. Efficient and durable anti-wear means were the most urgent technology needed by the paper mill at that time, so its production technology department has been trying to introduce and try new technologies and new methods to solve the wear problem of CFB boiler.

Dongguan nine dragons paper co., ltd. learned about our grille anti-wear technology at the end of 2015, and immediately reached cooperation with our company after getting in touch with our company. Since February of the next year, our company has completed the grilles anti-wear retrofitting construction project for three 470T/H circulating fluidized bed boilers of nine dragons paper co., LTD.Since the grille anti-wear has been completed, the boiler has never happened again.

Our company's grille anti-wear technology has also been highly appraised by the nine dragons paper industry in dongguan. 

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