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Datang wu 'an power generation co., ltd. was jointly established by datang hebei power generation co., ltd. and jizhong energy handan mining group co., LTD., with an investment ratio of 74% and 26% respectively. Mainly engaged in power, heat, investment, construction, comprehensive utilization of power and other related businesses. The company is located in wu 'an city, handan city, hebei province. The scale of the company is 2 300MW subcritical primary and intermediate reheat, connected to air-cooled pure condensing generator set, equipped with 2 1100t/h circulating fluidized bed boiler, supporting the construction of dust removal, flue gas desulfurization and other facilities, and at the same time reserve the heat supply capacity suitable for the economic development of wu 'an city.Two 1100T/H boilers of datang wuan power plant were put into operation in 2010, and were completed and put into use in 2012. In the operation of the boiler, according to the municipal requirements, the coal gangue slime produced by the local coal mine of handan should be used, which leads to the obvious increase of coal ash content and severe wear and tear of the boiler. Due to the long cycle and high load requirements of the boiler in power plant, the boiler is sometimes stopped due to wear, leakage, tube explosion and other accidents in operation, and even once called "monthly boiler".In order to solve the problem of wear, wu 'an power plant used metal spraying, anti-wear beam and other means, but can not help the power plant to achieve long-term protection, can not fundamentally eliminate the problem of wear. Therefore, wuan power plant after careful demonstration, decided to try our grille anti-wear technology. Considering that our company did not implement the grille anti-wear construction of 300,000kw CFB boiler at that time, datang wuan power plant first adopted a relatively safe local anti-wear construction for severe wear areas. After the implementation of our grille anti-wear scheme, the anti-wear effect is very significant, and there is almost no wear in the anti-wear area. Since then, two 1100T/H boilers of wuan power plant have been gradually arranged to stop firing, and the anti-wear construction in the unprotected area has been gradually completed.Since the grillage anti-wear renovation was implemented in 2014, no leakage and tube explosion problems caused by wear have occurred to the boiler water cooling wall of datang wuan power plant. Therefore, datang wuan power plant has given our company a high evaluation (see attached figure 4 below). Subsequently, datang wu 'an also cooperated with our company for many times to receive other power plant units to visit, do anti-wear technical exchanges and so on. Datang wuan power plant attaches great importance to technology, dares to make innovations and breakthroughs, and accepts and embraces new technologies. It not only opens up the situation of anti-wear construction of 1100T/H boiler grille for our company, but also greatly improves the stable operation of the power plant and benefits a lot from each other.



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