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China shenhua coal-to-oil chemical co., ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of shenhua group with a registered capital of 14.6 billion yuan. The company formerly known as China shenhua coal oil co., LTD., was established in June 2003. The company is mainly engaged in coal-to-oil and coal-to-chemical business related to coal clean conversion and utilization, and its main products are diesel oil, naphtha, liquefied gas, polyethylene, polypropylene, methanol, etc. The company consists of 6 branches: Beijing research institute, Shanghai research institute, Beijing engineering branch, ordos coal-to-oil branch, baotou coal chemical branch and hulun buir branch.

As early as 2015, the ordos branch of shenhua coal-to-oil company got in touch with our company and reached cooperation. The company owns 3 circulating fluidized bed boilers, all of which are produced by wuxi boiler plant at 440T/H. At that time, the use of its boiler is, fuel mixed burning solid petroleum coke and other industrial waste, the boiler wear very big impact. All three boilers have wear problems in different situations. Although spraying and anti-wear girder are adopted, wear problems cannot be eradicated. Leakage and shutdown still occur.

After knowing the grilage anti-wear technology of our company, the leaders of ordos branch of shenhua coal-to-oil company attached great importance to it and contacted our company immediately. After detailed evaluation of the anti-wear technology principle of our company and the performance of many anti-wear users, the cooperation agreement was reached quickly. Then our company has completed the grille anti-wear transformation for three times for its three furnaces. Since 2015, after the grille anti-wear transformation, the boiler has no wear and leakage problems.

The following picture shows the group photo of our company's construction project, and the evaluation conclusion of anti-wear effect of shenhua coal-to-oil project: 



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