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Asia Pacific sengbo group is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Singapore golden eagle group, and the group has two subsidiaries in mainland China, Asia Pacific sengbo (guangdong) paper co., ltd. and Asia Pacific sengbo (shandong) pulp and paper co., LTD., which are mainly engaged in the production and sales of pulp and paper products.

The people in the industry all know that in recent years, the paper industry is very hot, the product demand exceeds supply, so the production line does not stop, high load has higher requirements. It is also because of this, the boiler load is high, furnace wear is particularly prominent, no signs of leakage and broken pipe problem is let the company suffer heavy losses.

Therefore, the boiler furnace anti-wear becomes the primary problem of its power department, boiler technicians know that the high load of the long cycle of the boiler anti-wear is how severe test, the heart is always pulling a string can not relax.Apsbc guangdong reached cooperation with our company in 2016. 

This company has two 410T/H circulating fluidized bed boilers, and completed the grating anti-wear transformation in July and October, 2016. Its brother company, Asia Pacific sengbo shandong company, also has a 300T/H circulating fluidized bed boiler. In 2017, it also adopted our grille anti-wear technology to improve the whole furnace. The construction process is also in accordance with the production needs of customers, complete the transformation of all areas in the furnace by stages.

Since the grille anti-wear renovation, 3 CFB boilers owned by the two companies have never experienced wear and leakage. During this period, each of the three furnaces has stopped several times, and the anti-wear effect of the three furnaces has been satisfied. Under the protection of grille anti-wear technology, the average annual wear of the water wall of the boiler is less than 0.1mm, and the short plate of the long cycle operation of the boiler is no longer a tough wear problem. 

The boiler specialist thanked our company for putting down the big stone which had been hanging in his heart.It is precisely because our company is committed to in-depth exploration and research, the development of grille anti-wear technology efficient and lasting to win the trust and praise of customers again and again. 


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