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rdos power group

Erdos electric power group has five subsidiaries, including erdos electric power co., LTD, erdos thermal power co., LTD and erdos shuangxin electric power co., LTD.

Erdos electric co., LTD is located in the ordos industrial park, the well board with the mode of circular economy industry, is to carry out the scientific concept of development, realize resource advantage in situ transformation and construction of large-scale thermal power enterprises, the registered capital of 700 million yuan, a second phase of a total installed capacity of 1.32 million kilowatts, construction began in 2003, since the first units was put into operation in 2005, to 2010 June 4 units of 330000 mw unit has been put into operation. (4 * 330 mw)

Erdos electric power co., ltd. is a phase iii (2 50MW+4 135mw) heating unit supporting PVC project. The project was launched in March 2011 and started construction in late April. It is still under construction and will be put into operation in 2014. This unit is a circulating vulcanizing bed unit.

Erdos thermal power co., ltd. is a cogeneration, environmental protection and energy saving enterprise, with a registered capital of 56 million yuan. It was put into operation in 1990 with a total installed capacity of 15,000 kw, an annual output of more than 900,000 tons of steam and 700,000 tons of sewage treatment. Dongsheng is a large scale cogeneration enterprises in the region, for many years by the economic and trade commission of the autonomous region, ordos municipal party committee, government and ordos group as "advanced production safety enterprises. And by the municipal party committee, the government awarded the "small giant enterprise" award.

Erdos shuangxin electric power co., ltd. is located in erdos chessboard well industrial park, with a registered capital of 370 million yuan and a total installed capacity of 400,000 kw. Ordos double xin electric co., LTD., using local coal mines, coking plant of abandoned coal gangue and coal power generation, coal resources nearby into electricity, not only reduce the pollution of coal gangue on the environment and achieve waste recycling and comprehensive utilization of resources, but also high load can well solve the board town industrial park part of the electricity demand, contribute to the development of local economy, belongs to the comprehensive utilization of resources.

Erdos electric power south district power plant started construction on April 18, 2013, with a planning of 8*330MW. In the first phase, 2*330MW electrolytic aluminum power plant will be constructed.Several subsidiaries of ordos electric power group have very large total installed capacity, which not only undertakes the task of power generation, industrial gas supply, but also undertakes municipal heating, with heavy boiler load and very serious wear and tear. In view of this problem, try their best to try to solve the wear corp., the plants, erdos power co., LTD and ordos second power began to get in cooperation with my company in 2014, and more recently its new company ordos wear is also high and new material co., LTD boiler by my company responsible for the construction.

Up to now, our company has successively implemented the grilles anti-wear retrofitting project for 2 150T/H and 6 480T/H circulating fluidized bed boiler owned by ordos. Since the completion of the construction till now, the retrofitted boiler has no water wall wear and leakage problems.

Due to the excellent technology and services of our company, we have solved the difficult problems for customers and realized the long cycle operation of boilers. Erdos power group has reached a strategic cooperation agreement with our company.

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